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October 2009

One Good Man

By Sali Leigh “Cinq million en liquide. C’est la somme entier” “Prenez l’argent, M. le President” he said through his translator as …

The Sun By Night

Novel Title: The Sun by Night PENCIL TRIBE SCORE: 7.0/10 (Very Good) ISBN: 978-1592213504 Author: Benjamin Kwakye Pages: 320 Publisher: Africa World …


Harmattan Rain

Overall, Harmattan Rain is an engaging novel from a promising new voice, one that will have important things to say in subsequent literary works. Given Miss. Harruna Atta’s unique voice and ability to articulate broad issues in creative ways, one can only yearn for her next work which will hopefully disinherit some of the flaws in this debut.

Of Forests and Men

Mesa Joren Great forest thick and dense Green blob seen from thence Yet therein trees stand Set singly on their land It’s …

Open Journal from Morocco

Despite the apparent slowness of the holy month traffic still rushes through the wide, palm tree-lined avenues of Rabat and all kinds of lives are lived under a milder September sun

Lyrics of Lions

In the dimness, their silhouettes appeared as lifeless blood-seeking agents, themselves devoid of flesh and blood. Kobi reached for Paa Quartey’s trembling hand and held it, and the two men turned their heads in opposite directions to face uplifted machetes, and it was as if blood merged as well as diverged.