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January 2014

"Raven Black"
Process 26

Art Selections by Onyinye A.

My work is usually inspired by anything-songs, people, places–just anything. There are times I just look at a piece of scenery and …


The Culture Swirl

My cell phone vibrated as I gathered the dishes into the sink. Shifting it out of my pocket and quickly glancing at …


A Nigerian New Years

Hi PT, Hitting you with a double-dose of editorials this month.  I hope you don’t mind!  I first felt compelled to write …

"Father Christmas" : A Lagos entertainer made the six-journey trek to Kwara state to entertain the
children in our village for a day.

A Rustic Christmas

Hello PT Readers, or as we like to say here in Nigeria, Compliments of the Season!  This holiday season was a truly …