Man Or Woman?: A Photo Exploration of [Female] Facial Hair

by Yvonne Badu-Nimako (Assistance from Katrinna Simbaku and Akashia Smith)

Hello, I’m Yvonne. I’m a college-aged cis-female* who has a love for photography, and I have hirsutism. In basic terms, I grow thick hair where normally only males grow such hair, which includes my face. For a long time, it’s been a source of insecurity for me; I never felt truly “feminine” because of it, often comparing myself more to a “male” look. Looking upon that, I came up with this project. I did this to explore what the widely-accepted gender ideals are and how I might fit in them, mostly, so I can accept that I don’t fit completely in either, and that it’s okay.

*Cis-female is the term for a person born with a woman’s body and who has a female gender identity. “Cis” refers to the alignment of a person’s sex and his or her gender identity; “cis” is the opposite of transgender, where a person is born as one sex but identifies as the other.


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