Back to Africa. A Repatriation.

L’écritures d’une petite bougeoutte: Tales of an African Wanderlust and other African Voyages” presents

             BACK 2 AFRICA.

                                           A REPATRIATION.




If you call a Woman,
“African Woman” no go greet
She go say “ I  be lady o!” – Fela Kuti

I’m moving back to Africa.  Yup that’s right; back.  As in, after over two decades, the bi-product of brain-drain and resource-cursed corruption, I’ve come to try my hand in this wondrous and bewildering place my family once called home:


N I G E R I A.

Armed Forces Military Hospital in Kaduna Nigeria where I was delivered.

I took a trip to the Armed Forces Military Hospital where I was delivered, on my most recent birthday.

Being a Nigerian-American back in the motherland is ripe with questions of identity, authenticity, re-assimilation, and culture clash that I’m sure any immigrant or first/second generation kid can identify with.  All of these are only further complicated by being a modern woman:


shout out to Tiwa Savage, we (ok, I) love you!!

Not at all to say there aren’t many strong, amazing Nigerian (and other) female role models to choose from – think Ayo Obe, general counsel for one of the largest communications companies in the country and managing parter of one of the most prestigious law firms in Nigeria * cough, cough*  yes Ng’s very own Jessica Pearson ;)


Professor (Mrs.) Yinka Omorogbe, former Dean of University of Ibadan’s’ Faculty of Law and primary corporate counsel for the Nigerian National Petroleum Counsel…bfd

Both women I have had the pleasure of meeting.  Yet one can’t deny that the prevailing culture is not one of gender equality, not even in the pretty progressive and modern capital city of Abuja, where I live.

As a side note: most people will tell you Abuja isn’t really Africa.  A planned city, with (some) infrastructure, and lots of monied Nigerians and ex-pats running around, it definitely doesn’t feel like too many other places in Nigeria.   On the other hand, sans the characteristic chaos of an African metropolis, Abj can be quite boring at times…

My goal is to not bore you with text but instead to usher you into my world – the good, bad, and ugly – with imagery (as soon as I get my dslr back up and running that is!) that evokes taste, touch and sound.  Whether that be the latest playlist I’m listening to; my obsession with the flyyest Ankara fashions; a quick and dirty guide to the linga franca, pidgen English; social commentary and tips on being a naturalista in Nigerian society; legal and development trends in the region; my travels; or guests posts from similarly situated Africans and wanderlusts; I promise to do my very best not to bore you.  With that said,

Friends and Fellow Wanderlusts,

I invite you to join me on this journey.

….Come away with me!!



p.s. you can download all of (Yoruba Princess) Tiwa Savage’s album “Once Upon A Time” here. Its’ dope. Check it out.

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