Art Selections by Onyinye A.

My work is usually inspired by anything-songs, people, places–just anything. There are times I just look at a piece of scenery and I just create a picture in my head.  I try to create a story with my work, but at times it can be difficult.  I try not to give my character poses as though they are modeling, but have them act in the setting they are in. This is the greatest challenge in my art that I hope to overcome soon.

Debbie 6

Onyinye A.
I’m just a regular girl born with the gift of arts.  I’ve always loved drawing and, although it is not what I’m studying in college, I believe my major (animation) will be as much fun. I’m currently dabbling in the arts of comic making- so if the animation industry doesn’t accept me I can conquer the comic making industry.

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