A Rustic Christmas

Hello PT Readers, or as we like to say here in Nigeria, Compliments of the Season!  This holiday season was a truly unique one for me – spent entirely on the continent.  I visited my home state, maternal and paternal village, and rung in the New Year in that crazy place they call Eko aka Lagos.  It was two weeks filled with family, food, merriment, and even adventure.

For me, the highlights included: spending my last surviving grandparent (my paternal grandmother; fully tatted up tribal style the woman is nothing short of an OG); cooking traditional foods including myhome state speciality, Ofada rice, a really healthy varietal that I had never had the pleasure of tasting before – rocking out with my 16 year old cousin (aka DJ Loli on the ones n twos), or  joining my Uncle and his family in our the village of our ancestors as he threw his annual Christmas holiday party for a whopping 1,000 (!!!!) school children.

Lagos was traffic free and full of more extended family I hadn’t seen in a decade, including some new additions to the Olagunju clan :) . That was equally rewarding.

Hope you all had a great Winter Break too and enjoy the pics













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