Ewuradwoa Ahwoi: Black Eve

I took a series of self-portraits and this was to capture the essence of being a woman and also who I am as a person. The African print fabric as a headgear represents my African/Ghanaian heritage while the necklace represents the strength and wealth a woman possesses.

My name is Ewuradwoa Ahwoi. I am a 21-year-old Christian female from Ghana. I have a passion for photography, graphic design, make up and modelling. I am currently pursuing my undergraduate degree in Advertising Design. I realised I had a passion for photography when I was in junior high school. I took a lot of pictures of myself mainly, but as I grew up I began taking pictures of people around me, as well as my environment. With support from my family, I began professional photography two years ago. I photograph events, portraits, products- basically any and everything photography related.
My photography page on Facebook is PictuRadw (pronounced picturaj). A website is also under construction now.
I can also be found on ahoythere7.tumblr.com and b_radw_ on Instagram.

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