Brian Takudzwa Chidarikire – My Love (Part 2)

Brian_myloveMy Love (Part 2)

You make me feel
you make me imagine
a feeling so real
unlike my past tragics
you lighten my day
you wake me by phone
hope it will never end
like a sunset by the shore
a seed of love sown

you make me melt
your messages on my phone
a feeling I’ve never felt
closer to you I’m drawn
and when we talk
all stresses flee
the sown love crop
will grow into tree
and make me buy
you a wedding ring

a feeling of faith
the two have never met
but strength of stealth
the link cannot be bent
your precious sounds
of words you speak
in my head abound
in my ears ring all week
for I’m on a cloud
off mountain peak
but can still hear you loud
I hear you speak
a destiny intended
only for the meek

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