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Yvette Badu-Nimako

Yvette was born and raised in New York and is Ghanaian-American. She has always been interested in literature and the arts, particularly African storytelling and performance. Yvette received her law degree from Georgetown University Law Center where she was an Executive Articles Editor for the Georgetown Law Journal of Modern Critical Race Perspectives and completed a certificate in Refugee and Humanitarian Emergencies. She completed her undergraduate studies with a dual degree in Government (International Relations Concentration) and English Literature at Georgetown University. During her time there, she performed with the Black Theatre Ensemble and was an active board member of the African Society of Georgetown.


 Adeola Olagunju

Adeola was born in Nigeria, where she spent her youngest years before moving to the United States.  She still maintains strong ties to the diaspora and has worked in Abuja, Nigeria, and Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  Adeola graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 2013.   At Georgetown, she focused on international law and policy, development, and women’s empowerment.  She was a student note editor for the Georgetown Journal of Gender and the Law and a senior writing fellow for the Legal Research & Writing Department, where she conferenced regularly with law and L.L.M. students on their written work.  Adeola holds a Bachelors of Arts in Political Science & French from the University of Southern California.  She enjoys an eclectic mix of music, reading, cooking, travel, dancing, hiking, and general adventuring.  She currently consults in Abuja, Nigeria on law, policy, and development issues.

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Editor: Melanie Habwe Dickson

Melanie was born and raised in Washington, DC and is the child of Ghanaian and Kenyan parents. She has spent time in other countries on the continent, but Ghana and Kenya will always feel most like home. She loves her East-West identity, and does not prefer one country of origin over the other, although people love to ask this question! Melanie studied Economics and International Relations at Columbia University, where she had the privilege of being an editor with Idaya, a literary magazine created by members of the African Students Association. Melanie graduated from Georgetown University Law Center in 2012, where she focused on international law, human rights, corporate governance, and domestic violence. She started writing poetry at age five and has a deep love for reading and writing, especially short stories and personal narratives.


Editor-in-Chief/Webmaster: Yvonne Badu-Nimako

Yvonne is a Ghanaian-American, born and raised in New York. Feeling placed in the middle of two worlds, she searches and connects to find her footing in both. Her passions have been found in the arts, such as music, creative writing, design, and much more. She has recently graduated from Andrews University with a degree in Graphic Design, but she also spent some of her time in college writing and performing several plays as well as organizing and leading small groups. In her downtime, some of her hobbies (other than Tumblr) include duct tape crafts, sewing and clothing design, fiction writing, and arranging music.


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