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The Magazine

Pencil Tribe ( ) is an online literary and art magazine focused on Africa-related content. We strongly encourage submissions from young writers and artists, whether professional or amateur. Our rigorous editorial standards ensure that only works of the highest literary and artistic merit are published for our discerning global readership.

Our writers and contributors who come from all over the world are united in their thematic or stylistic focus on the African continent and its people. They have powerful, unique voices and high linguistic proficiency that make their work a delight to read. The art and photography we feature are similarly distinguished pieces which expose Africa in new and illuminating ways.

Centuries ago, story-telling in Africa was solely via oral tradition. Today, readers and contributors to Pencil Tribe help carry ancient story telling through the digital age. We aim to create and nurture a vibrant community of artists, poets, writers and readers of African fiction and non-fiction works and in so doing, expand the boundaries of African literature and art across time, space and cultures.

We currently publish only works in English, but invite translations of French, Portuguese and native African language works. Support us by joining our mission to propagate literary and artistic excellence out of Africa.

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